• Forest in Macaya National Park
    Forest in Macaya National Park. (Photo Credit: Robin Moore)
  • Freshwater spring in La Gonâve
    Freshwater spring in La Gonâve. (Photo Credit: Robin Moore)
  • Haitian farming seaweed in the water
    Haitian farming seaweed. (Photo Credit: Robin Moore)
  • Young Haitian girl
    Young Haitian girl. (Photo Credit: Robin Moore)
  • Valley on Grand Bois
    Valley on Grand Bois. (Photo Credit: Sarah L. Hanson)

Haiti National Trust

National Trust Fund for the Environment and Biodiversity

Haiti Trust was created to protect the environment and biodiversity of Haiti for future generations. Our primary activity is to identify the biodiversity hotspots of Haiti, acquire land for parks, and establish long-term protective measures.